Working to:

  • Protect our Urban Growth Boundary
  • Preserve Ridgelines and Open spaces
  • Retain the best qualities of ourcity for future generations.  

John Carroll
Lin Huven-McNamee
David Camp
Janis and Dennis Mulhall
Carol Cohen
Garry Podesta
Maria T. Madrigal
Jean Kellam
Dixie Watts
Jody & Dan Waallem
Stephen Kautz
Fred & Barbara Neumayer
Andrew Kincaid
Ashley Swift
Frank Tian
Maryann Campisi
Michael Shelly
Cathy Pasut
Tom Pico
Maureen Hunter

Alex Sharp

Larry Wray

Jeanne Farley-Rodgers
Ingrid & Steve Kramer
Jim & Belle Musfeldt
Mel Deane
Bhaskar Kannaiah
Surjit Kalra
Bill Nandor
Dennis Alan Hansen
Lee & Judy Fulton
Lucy Ye
Hunter Xu
Melanie Lodoño
Kurin Jiselvi
Selma Samayoa
Jose Medina
Don Ragland
Janice Cain
Cherub Halperin
Doreen Paradiso-Carroll
Patrick Carroll
Sandee McNeil
Tony & Sharon Morris
Rachel Galvin

Kerrie Chabot

Background Information:  Pleasanton was nationally recognized on many lists for “The Best Cities to Live” due to previous leadership and involved citizens protecting our City against uncontrolled residential growth, and the often associated with “big city” problems.  In 1996 Pleasanton voters passed Measure FF, establishing an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) surrounding our City.  According to Pleasanton’s General Plan Policy 22, “Maintain a permanent Urban Growth boundary (UGB) beyond which urban development shall not be permitted.” 

Pleasanton voters in 2008 reaffirmed their desire to control city growth, safeguard scenic ridgelines and protect steep terrain against development with Measure PP.  Measure PP also received an overwhelming support of Pleasanton voters. 

Through voter imposed growth policies and politically active citizens, Pleasanton flourished with award winning schools, permanent ridgeline protection, low crime, a vibrant downtown, and a high quality of life.


Kelly Cousins, President
Sandy Yamaoda, Secretary

Al Exner, Treasurer

Supporters (partial list):
Karla Brown
Matt Sullivan
Matt Morrison
Tim Belcher
Jed Sussman
Ingrid Wetmore
Lynn Kriegbaum
Karen Ellgas
Rajinder Ghatoaura
Lee & Joan Porter
Glen Morse
Cherri Gurney
Tony & Diane Oconnell

Lou Astbury

Loretta & William Hayes

Earl L. Whetstone

PLEASANTON is an information based website with a goal of educating Pleasanton voters regarding large-scale residential projects that may negatively affect our City.  We believe Pleasanton offers an exceptional quality of life for our residents due to growth policies imposed by voters and previously elected leaders.   Urban sprawl beyond our City Limits and a disregard to our voter imposed Urban Growth Boundaries are not acceptable development projects, and must be stopped. Through a lack of action, the reasons we made Pleasanton our home may be lost forever.  We urge residents to become educated and get involved.

Who are we?  We are a nonpartisan grass-roots organization of Pleasanton residents interested in educating Pleasanton voters.  We offer information from a resident’s point of view, without any bias from building developers, land speculators and special interest groups.