Working to:

  • Protect our Urban Growth Boundary
  • Preserve Ridgelines and Open spaces
  • Retain the best qualities of ourcity for future generations.  

​Laurene’s combined portfolio of work experience and education has impressed us. We feel confident that she can navigate the complex topic of water delivery for Pleasanton residents, with a careful eye on recycled water and toxic PFAS chemicals found in more than 5,000 substances including nonstick pans, waterproof jackets, waterproof mascara, and shampoo.


Kelly Cousins, President
Sandy Yamaoda, Secretary
Al Exner, TreasurerCommittee #1377399

Pleasanton Voters questioned and researched the candidates running for the Zone 7 District Director because clean, safe water is a critical quality of life issue for Pleasanton residents. As a result, we are endorsing Laurene Green, a Stanford graduate with vast technical expertise in the arena of water resource engineering.  


February 14, 2020

News from Pleasanton Voters

Clean, Safe Water is a Must for Pleasanton 
endorses Laurene Green for
Zone 7 Flood Control & Water Conservation District Director
on March 3

​Drinking water is one of the most common routes of exposure to PFAS, which one senior CDC official cites as “one of the most seminal public health challenges for the next decades.”  On this subject, Laurene has voiced concerns that potable reuse water (toilet to tap) safety and cost effectiveness has not been demonstrated.