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News from Pleasanton Voters​

The Pleasanton City Council recently voted to leave one single motor vehicle lane on eastbound Owens Drive between Willow Road and the Iron Horse Trail crossing.  More than 900 people had previously signed a petition requesting that more lanes be restored to eastbound Owens Drive. Despite this, the council majority supported a $90,000 software option that staff expects will ease traffic in the existing configuration during peak hours.

 Councilmember Brown joined residents who wrote in or spoke against the reduction, saying that the lanes should never have been reduced in the first place. If completed as originally planned, the westbound lane will also be a single lane.  Faced with more than 900 housing units that are approved or zoned in the area that will impact the intersection even further, the Council decided to revisit the issue in the future, if necessary.

 City staff cited improved safety for bicyclists and pedestrians as the reason for the lane narrowing, along with a desire to create short-term retail parking for the adjacent Essex apartment complex, despite the developer’s objections. It appears that the developer was right, because the retail space remains unoccupied due to insufficient parking. Speakers addressing the safety issue expressed concerns that vehicle traffic merging from three lanes to one actually causes a greater safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

The January 16 decision may have been influenced by the $1 million price tag required to rectify the plan with a widening option that would have shifted the center median north to balance traffic flow on Owens Drive at two lanes east and two lanes westbound.

Attend the January 16 City Council meeting or
email the Council about the new options being presented; two lanes in both directions will be considered!

Results of 1/16 City Council vote on 

Owens Drive lane reduction
City Council votes 4-1 to leave the single eastbound lane as is; Councilmember Karla Brown was the lone vote in favor of a widening project that would have provided two lanes in each direction  


Subject: Does the lane reduction on Owens Drive concern you?

Growing citizen concern about the lane reduction on Owens Drive near Hacienda will be addressed at the Tuesday, January 16 meeting of the Pleasanton City Council. Three new options are being considered,
as well as a widening project that would add a second eastbound lane between Willow and the Iron Horse Trail.

Read the report at This is item #15 on the agenda.
Interested residents should make every effort to attend the meeting and address the council with their opinions. Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council chambers at 200 Old Bernal Avenue. Those unable to attend are encouraged to email the Pleasanton City Council with comments at by 12:00 noon on January 16.

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