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Zone 7 Water Board to vote HUGE 33% rise in water rates-- Weigh in!

The City of Pleasanton is a water retailer, meaning the city buys all of our potable (drinking water) from the Zone 7.  If water rates go up (or down), the city passes that rate on to you, the school district, local businesses, restaurants and more.

Most residents have brown grass, a bucket to collect shower water, we don’t wash my car anymore, and we celebrate the littlest rainfall.  Water conservation is a part of our life in this 4th year of the drought.

Diversification of water sources and treatment for drinking water is capital intensive and they must plan for the future.   Fixed and variable costs for large utility companies like Zone 7 are significant.  Clearly, the drought has meant lower water sales for Zone 7, but the amount Zone 7 wants to increase rates is excessive.  Here are some PROPOSED rate increase numbers for next year:

Effective January 1, 2016 – Zone 7 will vote on a 33% increase over 2015 rates.   
A breakdown of the increase is:
+3% Consumer Price Index (CPI)
+10% rate increase
+ 20% drought “surcharge” for 1 year
33% rise in rates in 2016

Belt tightening and control over expenses is needed.  Please email Zone 7 to let them know your thoughts at: or attend the meeting at 100 North Canyon Parkway, Livermore on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 at 7pm.
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